About Us

You might call the Clear Simple Business team members many things:

  • Process Improvement Investigators and Implementers
  • Process Improvement and Time Wizards
  • Process Ninjas
  • Freedom Givers
  • Miracle Workers

We strive to deliver freedom from painful and mundane tasks to companies and their employees. Experts at optimizing systems to their fullest potential, we automate manual tasks, upgrade information delivery and develop solutions for problematic processes.

Sounds complicated, right?

Business Junk Drawer

Perhaps, the best way to explain our services is to tell the story of the “Business Junk Drawer.” Every business owner has one — there’s no denying it! It’s full to the brim of stuff you’ll get to “tomorrow.” Honestly, most business owners secretly hope that the items in their junk drawers will magically fix themselves or disappear, altogether. But, they don’t. Ever.

The most common dilemma found in a junk drawer is the task of updating a process. It may be a kink in the invoicing system or a bottleneck in quality control. Whatever it is, it develops and, eventually, snowballs into a bigger problem. Many business owners struggle with the issue, hoping it will work itself out, when it really needs attention to find solutions.

Do you have a “Business Junk Drawer?” Is it full of those tasks that need attention? Imagine if you could hand those issues off to someone and gain the potential to generate additional revenue and a huge cost savings.

That’s what Clear Simple Business does. We clean out your “Business Junk Drawer.” And, we leave you with time to dedicate to more important goals.

Reduce the Mundane, Ignite your Creativity.

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