Sarah's Story

Sarah’s Story

Sarah Becker, Chief Process Improvement Investigator and Implementer (and founder!), spent 10 years in corporate America, honing her skills. She found she was a natural at refining systems so they worked more efficiently. Discovering ways that were better, quicker and easier was a consistent goal in every position  she held. She strived to enable systems to do more, with less. She researched the tools she was using to learn how to avoid mistakes and do more with them.

Sarah has a successful track record for improving and enhancing processes throughout an organization. She can reduce the amount of time it takes to develop a weekly status report from one business day to 20 minutes. She took a 40-hour-per-week role down to a 4-hour task.

This is her knack, her niche. She discovered that she worked with a lot of really smart people, but she was one of a few who could take apart the steps of a task and put the process back together in a new, more efficient manner.

During the six years she worked for a Fortune 50 retailer, Sarah says that she never felt the corporate world was really for her. She wanted to own her own business and help others. Bringing the knowledge from big business to smaller or mid-sized businesses, so they can function more seamlessly sounded like an ideal “job” to her.

Clear Simple Business was born!

Taking all of the skills and knowledge she acquired from bigger, corporate experiences, Sarah applies the same strategies to her clients’ problems as was used by that Fortune 50 retailer. She has a Mini Masters of the Lean Enterprise from St. Thomas University and a business process improvement certification from the University of Minnesota’s continuing education program.

Sarah is dedicated to providing clients with FREEDOM

Freedom to be at a family event without the stresses of your business weighing on your mind.

Freedom from inefficient processes.

Freedom from stress associated with laborious tasks.

Freedom from the time it takes to complete mundane projects



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