Example Solutions

Are you wondering what kinds of solutions we might be able to provide for you? That’s completely understandable. Here are two scenarios that better explain our capabilities to assist you:

Coupon Marketing

Every month, a company’s redeemed coupons had to be collated for billing. The process took 3 entire days, every month, due to its tedious nature. The task was always delegated to the newest member of the department, because nobody else wanted to do it.

After analysis, we discovered that the coupon system currently in use couldn’t decipher special characters on the coupon, such as the dollar sign ($). By leveraging Excel in a way to recognize the dollar sign and other special characters, this three-day task was reduced to only one day’s worth of work. By freeing up two days each month, This company earned 24 days worth of time over the year — approximately a whole extra month! We created a 13-month year!

Wealth of Knowledge

There is an Ethel at every company. She has worked there since the very beginning of the business. She knows everyone in the industry. And, she is a wealth of information.

BUT — she is about to retire and take all of her precious industry knowledge and contacts with there. Even though there will be an exit interview, the majority of her knowledge can’t be distilled down to a one- or two-hour conversation. And, scheduling lengthy interviews with her would take away from supervisors’ duties, putting them behind.

THE SOLUTION: Develop a process that allows for knowledge retention after an employee retires, without taking away from an existing workload.

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