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Focus on Your People

Ask yourself “Are my employees truly happy and healthy?”

You add office perks such as team lunches, a foosball table and fancy coffee.

Everyone loves free food and playing games but these surface-level changes don't work.

Create a safe and healthy environment for employees to grow.

Listen to your employees

Ask the right questions to understand how they truly feel.

Address their concerns

Recognize the real problems and take steps to mitigate.

Help them become their best

When employees are thriving, so will your business.

We know watering the roots

will yield good fruits.

  • 5 levels of physical and psychological needs
  • 6 elements to build a nurturing workplace
  • 7 benefits of the Back to Basics Index

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Think of the hierarchy of needs pyramid. Managers expect their employees to operate at the top level - creative thinking and problem solving, not realizing that they are not even satisfied with the lower levels - belonging and self-fulfillment. When businesses try to change things from the top it only leads to distrust and anxiety, instead start looking from the bottom up. If employees are happy and healthy, loyalty and productivity will follow.

Our Back to Basics Index is a company health check to identify and solve challenges from the fundamentals. Our process ninja will explore how your employees are feeling, and implement solutions so your business can thrive.

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