The Back To Basics Index

Are your employees happy, healthy, and productive?

Sadly, the answer to this question is often “no”, yet employees are every company’s most valuable asset. Attracting and retaining happy, healthy people is critical to company success but many companies struggle in this area, and often it’s not due to lack of care or intent.

Taking care of people in a way that enables them to be their best doesn’t happen by chance.

Many employers try to create a strong work culture by providing things like healthy eating options in the lunchroom, beer on a Friday afternoon, employee awards, or fun team outings. And it’s great to offer those extra benefits! But these extras don’t replace the more basic, fundamental needs that employees require. Things like being valued and trusted, listened to and understood, a good work/life balance, flexible hours, and time to relax and refresh.

We created the Back to Basics Index to help companies identify and solve challenges, from the basic fundamental necessities to more complex issues.

Did you know?

Highly engaged employees are 38% more productive Employee happiness boosts productivity by 12% The top 10% of high-performing employees take breaks for nearly 30% of their workday

Why wouldn’t you take steps to boost employee health and happiness? Not only is it the compassionate, considerate thing to do for the people who work for you, but increased productivity positively impacts your bottom line.

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The Back to Basics Index identifies issues at their root

Imagine you’re walking through a forest. You’ll see trees that are young and green, mature and far-reaching, in full bloom, robust or bent in the wind. It’s exactly the same with your employees. Some are young, some mature; they have different personalities, career goals, ways of thinking, and motivations. But at their core, they all have the same basic needs. Consider these like the root of the tree.

Caring for your roots

In order for trees to produce beautiful leaves or lots of fruit, the roots have to be cared for and properly nourished. It’s exactly the same with your employees - they all have the same basic needs that must be met to be happy and healthy, and therefore productive and loyal. Things like a good work/life balance, more control, reduced stress, and time to relax and refresh.

The Back to Basics Index

Back to Basics Index is an essential company health check. It helps you understand how your employees truly feel when they’re sitting at their desks (and not drinking beer on a Friday afternoon!) and digs deep into the challenges and problems your company might be experiencing.

This assessment points to where you can implement positive solutions to help your employees be their best and enable your business to thrive.

Benefits of taking Back to Basics Index

Taking the Back to Basics Index will enable you to identify where to implement positive solutions to your company’s problem areas. You will:

  • Create a strong company culture
  • Increase productivity (and therefore your bottom line)
  • Boost loyalty amongst your employees
  • Have a healthier workforce
  • Enhance employee engagement
  • Build a reputation as a great employer

How does it work?

After an initial call to find out more about your company, you have a choice in how you take the assessment. Every employee can take it (which is what we recommend to capture a rounded picture of your company’s health), or it can be taken by selected team members and leaders. The assessment is completed online.

We then calculate your results and put together recommended solutions, which we’ll present to you. At this point, we could also conduct focus groups to dig deeper into the results. Finally, you’ll have recommendations for solutions and an idea of how the outcomes will positively impact your business.


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