Clean the Junk Drawer

Don't Let Things Get Out Of Control

Solve your big problems with small solutions!

You put aside problems that cause you to worry but don't have time to deal with.

You hope that somehow they will magically fix themselves, but they keep growing and explode at the worst moment.

Take care of your business junk drawer and deal with feckless tasks.

Identify your pain points

List all the tedious, boring tasks that nobody likes doing.

Change the process

Automate systems to reduce the burden of manual tasks.

Save costs and generate revenue

Use the extra time saved to work on revenue-generating tasks.

A few minutes a day can put your troubles away.

1 automated process

3.5 weeks worth of work freed in a year

More than $30,000 saved in payrolls

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Every business has a junk drawer, full of things you don't know what to do with or that you’ll “get to tomorrow”. For example bulky invoicing systems, monotonous human relations processes, and many other chores that nobody likes doing. When you leave things in your business junk drawer for too long, they can get out of control and you are forced to deal with them at the most inopportune moment. Don’t let it get this far. Do something about these issues before they explode.

Our process ninja will look into your junk drawer and find the inefficient tasks that are a pain to complete. Updating and automating a system could potentially equal an extra month back every year!

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Don't miss our Excel Magic

Tips and Tricks


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