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Excel Magic - Can you be more efficient? You betcha! You'd be surprised how many excel files we can improve through better organization, automation, and flow. What is that one file that always gets in your way? Let's tackle it today!

Cleaning the Junk Drawer - finding and fixing all your old ways of doing things, by finding better tools and workflows for your data

Train the Doer - not only do we fix the process issues, we train the people who work on those process how to correctly implement the new systems.

Train the Trainer - if you already have some designated team to work on your processes, and need to call in the special forces (that's us), we will not only assist in problem solving, but we will train the team to champion the change.

Back to Basics Index - Process is not only about the systems, but also about the people. The index helps develop a holistic view of the entire organization with a goal of creating a business system that balances the people and the processes needed to lead in work/life balance. As a senior leader in your organization you may feel that work is life. However, most of your employees don't feel that way, and let's face it, couldn't you also benefit from a little more 'you' time? It all starts with the index.


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