Dealing with the ‘fun’ within the Business Junk Drawers taught me how to work collaboratively with other departments. Rarely did an item in the business junk drawer involve only my immediate team. I became VERY proficient in befriending other teams and solving the problems that existed between the two teams. I learned the immense value of COMMUNICATION and ACTIVE LISTENING. It is amazing how easy it is to work with people when they feel heard and valued.

Within weeks and sometimes days, I would solve problems for my teams that had been plaguing them for years. I developed deep relationships of trust amongst myself, my team and the teams that surrounded us. I created a world of positive energy. I reduced the levels of stress amongst those that worked for me.

I believe that everyone deserves a positive environment to work in. And every organization deserves employees who give it their all. Employees who go above and beyond to make the organization as great as it can be.

This is now my mission with Clear Simple Business.

They Call Me

The Process Ninja

Slicing Your Toughest Processes in Half!

I’m passionate about teaching people the joys of Excel. I truly believe that knowing a few simple formulas and tools within excel can have a HUGE impact on your productivity. For this reason I have created an EXCEL MAGIC Course. Follow the link for access – Excel Magic Episodes

What Is Back To Basics?

Who is it For?

Are your employees happy, healthy, and productive?

Sadly, the answer to this question is often “no”, yet employees are every company’s most valuable asset. Attracting and retaining happy, healthy people is critical to company success but many companies struggle in this area, and often it’s not due to lack of care or intent.

Taking care of people in a way that enables them to be their best doesn’t happen by chance.

Many employers try to create a strong work culture by providing things like healthy eating options in the lunchroom, beer on a Friday afternoon, employee awards, or fun team outings. And it’s great to offer those extra benefits! But these extras don’t replace the more basic, fundamental needs that employees require. Things like being valued and trusted, listened to and understood, a good work/life balance, flexible hours, and time to relax and refresh.

We created the Back to Basics Index to help companies identify and solve challenges, from the basic fundamental necessities to more complex issues.

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DM Motors

Using Excel to convert 4 PAINFUL hours into 30 BLISSFUL minutes

Time Wizard

The story of how improving a 30-minute task gave 3.5 weeks per year back to a company and how it will generate an additional $175K in revenue for them.

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As a business owner, you want to get the most value out of your employees. After all, one of the biggest expenses a business can incur is labor. However, you won’t get the most out of your employees’ efforts by making them work harder.

Instead, you should help them achieve the best results for your business by helping them work smarter and with the greatest possible ease. This is what improving employee efficiency is all about.

Efficiency is doing things the right way, with minimal waste of time and effort. It is a key ingredient of productivity. continue reading

Do you struggle to be productive?

If you ask a handful of people for advice on how to get more done, you’d probably get the same answer, “You need to manage your time.” But there are those who say, “Forget time management. You’re better off managing your energy.”

However, both time management and energy management are essential to productivity. They complement each other. continue reading

Do you want to have more control over the consistency and quality of your product or service? Are you looking for a way to help your employees to avoid costly mistakes?You must provide your team clear-cut instructions on the tasks they perform.

You can do this by writing standard operating procedures, which are more commonly known as SOPs.

A standard operating procedure is a set of detailed, continue reading


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