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Transform your work culture.

Because under the surface, almost EVERY organization is “toxic”…

Even if they’ve been given multiple “Best Place to Work” awards.

Every company I’ve ever worked for or helped, believed that in order to succeed, they needed to create “a family atmosphere.” What they didn’t realize was that the family atmosphere was actually derailing their success as a company.

All organizations want two things:

To serve their customers in the best way possible

To provide a great experience for their employees

I can help you do both.

Here’s the thing. You can give your employees all the perks in the world – like paying their phone bills, offering holiday celebrations, even sending their kids birthday presents. While all of that is lovely, a traditional “family atmosphere” creates dysfunction, complete with gossip, backstabbing, and resentment toward management.

What I came to understand is that if you want to create a work environment that embodies your values and heightens staff productivity, you need to create a TEAM, not a family.

Think about how magical it is when a sports team comes together to win. Each player has a sense of his or her role, supports their teammates and gets supported in return.

Creating a team fosters clear expectations, discipline, teamwork, respect and trust. And THAT is what makes an exceptional work environment.

Why does this matter so much?

Because when your employees are fulfilled, respected, and valued in their roles, they give you their very best. And when people decide to give their best gifts to a company, the company thrives like a tree in sunlight.

So if you’re aware of a deep sense of growing dissatisfaction within your employees...

If they show up to work every day, but aren’t giving all

they have to give…

If they resent mundane tasks that make them feel like they’re wasting their lives…

It's only a matter of time before good people quit.

You may have tried to solve this with deeper communication, fun cultural committees, team building, special events, or team lunches. But none of these are getting the huge overall culture shift you’re hoping for. They only scratch the surface.

In order to create a positive team environment where happiness, job satisfaction and productivity reign, you need insight into how people really feel as they’re sitting at their desks doing the work.

Through targeted my assessment, I help businesses:

  • Create a healthy team culture that thrives
  • Foster a safe and efficient environment where people feel valued and appreciated
  • Become a company that employees never want to leave, even if the work is challenging
  • Provide opportunities for employees to grow
  • Educate employees about shifting limiting beliefs for higher quality of life
  • Learn how to train leaders and employees

How It Works


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We Analyze the Problem


We Design the Solution


We Implement

Employers have a tendency to believe that big problems are going to take big solutions. They worry they don’t have the resources, time, or money to make changes. But what I’ve found is that sometimes, even the smallest tweaks can make a huge impact.

So if you’re curious about what’s possible,

On the call, we’ll get clear on what isn’t working, and I’ll explain exactly how we might work together to achieve a creative, productive culture shift.

Why hire me?

Throughout my varied career in the corporate world, I’ve seen it all. I’ve worked in difficult environments where people resented each other, and saw how those environments eroded the company’s potential for growth.

When I began doing process improvement for the companies I worked for, I saw how it naturally improved how employees felt at their desks. When they weren’t being asked to do things that sapped their energy… When they felt valued and appreciated, they became excited to contribute, and the company thrived.

So not only will I look into your processes and see what I can make more efficient and enjoyable, I’ll also give you insight into what your employees really think, feel, and need to be happy, along with the roadmap that allows you to meet those needs

Change, when done right, can happen quickly.

If you want your company to run like a well-oiled machine, with workers that are willing to give their best talents to your company and each other…My Back to Basics service could be a great fit.

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